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Lazy me

 Hi~ `o` Long time no seee..... I know I am not working hard on this. I am a lazy bone~ T_T During August, I have drawn 2 pics and 1 is still in progress. This is the one that I have finished drawing... Pretty satisfied with the outcome and the tutorial is very clear and easy to follow As the title mentions, it looks very complicated but " YOU CAN DRAW THIS" Really feel grateful that there are tutorials out there with premium quality.  CHeerS! See you next time \*o*/
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Procreate indeed has lots of functionalities and so much more to explore.. Followed this tutorial  The teacher is really patient and detailed in guiding step by step. Although it took me few hours to achieve this, I believe I will be faster as I practice more and get used to the app. Good luck and ChEeRs! ;)

Another little step

Woyay! Here is my second drawing referred from this One day when I gain sufficient experience on drawing, I will plan to purchase cutting machine and make my own stickers. Since I was young, I always love to see the stickers whenever I drop by the stationary stores or other fancy stores. It's sooo cute to make stickers especially from your own drawings.. ^^ Looking forward to make more drawings.. b^-^b

First step

On 20th July 2020, I kicked start my first ever drawing with IPad Pro Pro Create drawing app! (Since received the IPad and Apple pencil 4th June 2020 shh... :D ) I have watched some of the videos about procreate tutorials but they all seem too hard to follow. Luckily, found this tutorial .  As the title says, anyone can draw! It is so satisfying to see the drawings I did! This is the just the start of the jour